Delivery of the standard correspondence and cargoes

Delivery of the standard correspondence  and cargoes

The federal state unitary enterprise «Courier Communication Central Board » carries out sending of the standard correspondence, parcels and hardware:

  • The package correspondence of weights up to two kg and of sizes up to 11х15сm ( no more then 5х25х35сm);
  • Parcels should not be less then 5х10х15сm and no more than 45сm in the size on each of three dimensions;
  • Rolls of the cylindrical form (tubes) – diameter up to 20сm and length up to 120сm;
  • The size parcels with geographical and topographic maps up to 10х150х150сm and weight no more than 10 kg;
  • The weight of parcels with engineering specifications should not be more than 20kg;
  • The size of packaging in a firm container (hardware) should be no more than 200х100х75сm and has the maximum weight of no more than 300 kg.

They don’t contain state or a trade secret with estimated value and without it. All risks connected with a loss, destruction, damage of the Dispatch taken to be to delivered or any part of it are insured fully.

Requirements on dispatch registration.

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